Premier Artist Paintout

Additional Event Information:

Welcome Visitors:
Cindy and Chuck Guillentine will host the winners (Premier Artists) from previous five years of Augusta Plein Air. Is your favorite artist among them? Participating artists are listed on our Meet the Artists page. The public is invited to observe these artists as they capture the light, shadows, and beauty of spring at Defiance Ridge Vineyards (formerly Wine Country Gardens) in Defiance. Reservations required.
This invitational paint out will begin at 1:00 PM, with judging at 5:00 PM. Come and browse the art as it develops, and celebrate with the winner as the award is announced. Art will be for sale immediately following the judging.


Artist Details:
Artists check in at Defiance Ridge Vineyards. The winners from the previous five years will be able to participate in the competition for the $500 purchase prize sponsored by Cindy and Chuck Guillentine.  This is one of the opportunities where an artist could win the 1st place purchase prize more than once during the 2018 Augusta Plein Air Art Festival.
Invited Winners:

Barnes, Zak
Beazley, Gary
Been, Joshua
Boswell, Roy
Brauer, Lon
Breaux, Tim
Chapin, Ken
Clague, Andrea Orr
Coulter, Marty
Crain, Kay
Crisman, Lisa
DeGraff, Annie
DeGraff, Larry
Dickerson, Tammy
Eicher, Tarin
Ferrari, Barbara
Fishback, Daniel
Goldkamp, Crystal
Gordon, Nyle
Green-Metzler, Linda
Haake, Elaine “Laney”
Hayden, Barbara
Helton, Janine
Hoffman, Linda
Holder, Barb
Hoppe, Danae
Hudson, Kathleen
Jackson, Teddy
Kilgore, Troy
Kriegshauser, Allen
Kublanov, Konstantine
Larkin, Carolyn
Lasater IV, John
Laupp, Allison
Lee, Courtney E.
McClure, Michael
McCullough, Julie
McFarland, Lorraine
McGarrahan, Annette
McGuire, Rebecca
Mahoney, Catherine
Matson, Meg
Meagher, Spencer
Nadeau, Gary
Newell, Pamela
Niehaus, Mary
Palecek, DK
Pepmiller, Rhonda
Peters, Jim
Phelps, Mike
Ptasiewicz, Henryk
Rhys, George
Robberts, Tatyana
Rogers, Susan K.
Rudolech, Larry
Sacran, Jason
Saunders, Patrick
Schaefer, Paul
Sheppard, Chris
Shortt, Donna
Shreves, Savannah
Siwek, Larry
Song, Jinsheng
Stroup, Judy
Summers, Gregory
Thomas, Craig
Thomas, Sherri
Von Fange, John
Wells, Michele
Wiegand, Julie
Wiley, Chris
Williams, Deborah
Willman, Marcia
Younghans, Luwayne
Zuniga, Melissa