Henryk Ptasiewicz Workshop

“Painting People Outdoors”

Artists, please join Henryk Ptasiewicz for a day of Plein Air painting at a gorgeous local home with fabulous views of the Missouri River Valley.  Henryk is well known for his grand portraiture and his talent for rendering unique characteristics of the human spirit. Last year, Henryk took us through the realm of “seeing” how to draw. We spent the morning watching and learning as he took us through the concepts that have helped him develop his skill at creating landscapes that include lines and form such as buildings, interior spaces, roof lines, and windows and other items of interest that bring life to paintings.

This year he will bring the human touch into his paintings. He will go over the concept of placing the human figure in your scenes to create art that is literally full of life. Whether standing, sitting, walking, or working, he can show you how simple it can be to add people to your paintings, perhaps even your host for the day during one of the wonderful events planned all week.

Here is a list of supplies from Henryk:


Two large panels 16″X20″ plus your own palette.

Henryk’s personal palette is:

Flake White Replacement
Cad Yellow Light
Naples Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Raw Sienna
Quinacrodone Red
Quinacrodone Violet
Quinacrodone Magenta
Diaoxazine Purple
Viridian Green
Pthalo Green
Cobalt Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Cad Red Light

You do not have to purchase all these, he publishes for your interest. Henryk encourages anyone wishing to paint portraits to try Naples Yellow and Quinacrodone Red.