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WORKSHOP – Watercolor with Spencer Meagher

April 23, 2018 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Sign up now to share a day with Spencer, call 636.228.4005 to reserve a space in his workshop. 
Students will learn as the Spencer demonstrates a variety of techniques for applying paint to paper in a plein air setting. The class will focus on various components and aspects of painting watercolors, i.e. differences in brushes, papers, paint quality, as well as application techniques including washes, splattering, dropping and pouring and dry brushing. When, where and how to appropriately use each tool and technique. Class structure is appropriate for ALL skill levels.
We typically begin with brush exercises designed to get students familiar with color mixing and the fluidity of watercolor. They will then learn various approaches to gradient washes both single color and two-color gradients. Lastly, students will design and paint their own watercolors from life.
Students should bring ample paper for exercise and be prepared to paint as many as two (2) 11×15” paintings each day over the course of the workshop.
Suggested listing of supplies-feel free to bring anything you like to paint with.

  • Paints – bring the best you can afford. I use a variety of brands. Any professional grade paint is fine. The same color by different manufacturers may vary. This is the list of colors I recommend. Be advised my color palette is continuously evolving.
    • Sky Blue (American Journey) or Cerulean Blue
    • Cobalt Blue
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Pthalo Green (Viridian is similar)
    • Aurolean (Winsor Newton)
    • Quinacridone Gold (Winsor Newton)
    • Transparent Pyrrole Orange (QOR)
    • Perm Rose or Perm Magenta
    • Alizarin Crimson
    • Neutral Tint
  • Brushes – #’s 4, 8, 12 round; ½”, ¾”, 1”, 2” flat; a few old bristle brushes for scrubbing. I use sable mop brushes. Contact me if you are interested in my brushes.
  • Paper- Arches, Fabriano or Kilimanjaro – 300# strongly recommended, 140# acceptable but may buckle. Other brands are OK, stay away from student grade papers. I also like Arches Watercolor Board.
  • Miscellaneous – Removable Masking Fluid, suitable container(s) for water, 12 x 16” backboard (masonite or Gatorfoam works great) large enough to tape down your paper, removable masking tape or bulldog clamps, ceramic, metal or plastic art palette, small misting bottle, sea sponge (optional).

Plein Air Specific

  • Easel – plein air easels are as diverse as the artist who uses them. Find one that works for you. Ideally it will have some sort of detachable shelf that will hold palette, water and brushes.
  • Umbrella – Another indispensable tool. Keeps the artist shaded and shades the paper so the sun doesn’t reflect off the white of the paper. Also, protects your work in the even a shower pops up.
  • Stool – A lightweight, folding stool is indispensable.
  • Miscellaneous – bug spray, hat, sunscreen, drinking water, snacks, anything else that you may need.
    Come prepared to have a great time!
    LOCATION: All workshop participants are asked to arrive 15 minutes early at the Augusta Harmonie Verein Hall to check in, workshop introduction begins at 9:00 AM. Artists will be given directions to proceed to the selected location.
    FEE: $85
    Lunch will be provided.


April 23, 2018
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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