Final Sale from Easel and Awards

Additional Event Information:

11AM – 4PM  Enjoy an afternoon at Mt. Pleasant Estates in Augusta. Browse the Final Sale in the Terrace Ballroom and outdoors, as just under 100 Plein Air Artists display their body of work from the 2019 Augusta Plein Air Art Festival.  Extend your afternoon with a visit to the tasting room, a tour of the cellars, or simply enjoy the wine, atmosphere, and spectacular views while celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

Augusta Plein Air Scholarships will be announced at 11:00 AM.
The Show and Sale opens with the announcement of Augusta Plein Air Scholarships at 11:00 AM, followed by the announcement of Art Awards. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place and Honorable Mention are awarded in each of the following mediums:

  • Oil
  • Acrylic
  • Pastel
  • Watercolor
  • Mixed Media

Additional Awards include the Best of Show, Artists’ Choice, and Peoples’ Choice.


Don’t miss the Children’s Paint Out from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. See the budding artists at work and experience their excitement at competing for awards. Check out the details on the Daily Event Calendar.

Find your Favorite Artists at the Sale:

Click here for a diagram of booth layout: Plein Air 2019 – Booth Layout
North Wing (w/fireplace) of Mt. Pleasant Terrace Room Booth Assignments

1. McFarland, Lorraine
2. Haley,Marjory
3. Dowdy,Denny
4. Dyess,Iva Joe
5. Coulter,Marty
7. Robben,Diane
8. Larkin,Carolyn
9. Cooper,Karen
10. Pepmiller,Rhonda
11. Fishback,Daniel
12. Goldsmith,Caroline
13. McIntosh,Melinda
14. Green,Jamie
15. Snyder,Tracey/Streiff, Michelle
16. Baber,Gabriele
17. Klein, Matt
18. Tatlock,Troy
19. Flanders,Jane
20. Kublanov,Konstantine
21. Phelps,Mike
22. Estes,Phil
23. Alsop, Kim
24. Rogers,Susan K
25. Williams,Deborah
26. Jackson,Teddy
27. Dickerson,Tammie
28. Gragg,Jennylynne
29. Haake,Elaine (Laney)
30. Lewis,Farley
31. Vargas, Liz
32. Tyler, Tim
33. Kutriansky, Dimitrina
34. Fifer,Susan
35. Green-Metzler,Linda
36. Thomas,Craig
37. Hume,Helen D.
38. Wilmes, Linda
39. Elgin, Antoinette
40. Woolsey, Manuela

East Wing of Mt. Pleasant Terrace Room Assignments
41. Beazley, Gary
42. Gaus, Gloria
43. Flowers, Erlene
44. Folwarczny, Dianna
45. Mudd, Jane
46. Gillespie, Ted
47. DiMattia, Anthony
48. Plourde, Susan
49. Siwek, Larry
50. Washa, Diane
51. Patterson, Christi / Smith, D’Ann
52. Thompson, Erik
53. Thompson, Linda
54. Laupp, Allison/Wells, Michele
55. Buchs,Thomas
56. Wood, Sarah
57. Whight,Becky
58. Robberts, Tatyana
59. Wiegand, Julie
60. McGuire, Rebecca/Randy Bernhardt
61. O’Connor, Brent
62. DeGraff,Annie
63. Hamil, Alex
64. Krute, Michelle
65. Nass, Lori
66. Einspanier, James
67. Seat, Eric
68. Nadeau, Gary
69. Seat, Mike

Mt. Pleasant Tasting Room Assignments
B. Holtzmann,Arleana
C. Coffman,Leigh
E. Bishop,Bonnie
G. DeGraff, Larry
H. Weigel,Jennifer
I. Barnes, Zak

Additional Artists outside of Terrace Room