Harvest Festival – Mini Plein Air & Art Exhibition

Additional Event Information:

The Annual Augusta Harvest Festival is celebrating the German Heritage of Augusta this year with many activities taking place at the Harmonie-Verein/American Legion Hall. Artists are invited to paint throughout the Festival as well as participate in the exhibition.
There will be one competition for a $500 purchase prize to be judged on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017 at 12:00 PM. The theme for this painting is “Augusta Heritage”. A limited number of artists will be invited to paint at the concert and dinner events scheduled for the Harvest Festival.
Artists may submit current Augusta Plein Air artwork as well as artwork from previous Augusta Plein Air Festivals for display and sale at the American Legion Post in Augusta throughout the Harvest Festival. Artists are also encouraged to leave art on display through the final Christmas Walk, Dec. 9, 2017 or may pick it up at their convenience. All sales are subject to the 70%/30% split with the 30% to benefit the Augusta Heritage Foundation (AHF) The gallery will be staffed by the AHF, so that artists will be free to paint or to enjoy the activities of the Harvest Festival. This is the opportunity that many of the Augusta Plein Air artists have requested to sell previous work.

Artists register at the Augusta Heritage Foundation, fee $10.
Contact Mary Diehl at 636-219-3328 to arrange to drop off art.
Activities at the Festival include:

  1. Friday, Sept. 15, Swingin’ In the Vines
    1. Art Exhibition & Sale
    2. Music & Open Bar at Harmonie-Verein
    3. Picnic & Concert in the Vineyard
  2. Saturday, Sept. 16, Family Day
    1. German Pancake Breakfast
    2. Parade
    3. Pie Competition
    4. Pony Rides
    5. Artisans Street Sale
    6. Augusta History Museum open
    7. Art Exhibition & Sale
    8. Music & Open Bar at Harmonie-Verein
    9. Wine Maker Social
  3. Sunday, Sept. 17, Heritage Day at the Harmonie-Verein/American Legion
    1. “A Day in the Life of a German Immigrant” by Dr. Anita Mallinckrodt
    2. “The German Corridor in Missouri” by the Missouri Heritage Council
    3. German Band
    4. Pork Steaks by American Legion
    5. Art Exhibition & Sale
    6. Augusta History Museum open