Paint the Parks

Additional Event Information:

Welcome Visitors:
Artists will be painting along the Katy Bike Trail from Weldon Springs to Augusta and in Klondike Park from 7:00 AM with judging at 11:00 PM at the Harmonie-Verein/American Legion in Augusta. The public is invited to combine a visit to the park with an opportunity to observe the artists at work. Following the judging, art will be on display and available for purchase.
Artist Details:
The Katy Trail State Park and Klondike St. Charles County Park are major attractions to both out of state and local visitors. Both parks exhibit the beauty of nature in the spring. The Katy Trail as the longest rails to trails conversion in the U.S. attracts bikers and hikers. Here the artist will find views of the wooded trail, farm fields, the Missouri River, and small town trail heads. A beautiful lake with white sand, cliffs over the Missouri River and natural prairie land are found in Klondike Park as it is the site of an old quarry, where silica was mined for the glass factories of the St. Louis area. Gates open at Klondike Park at 7:00 AM. Judging at the Harmonie-Verein/American Legion at 11:00 AM.
The $500 purchase award is sponsored by The Ferguson Financial Group represented by Nathan Laupp.