Private Estate Paint Out #2

Additional Event Information:

This event is for the first 40 artists who sign up, sorry it is not open to the public.

The artists will meet at the Washington Riverfront Pavilion at 12:00 PM. They will then be told about the private estate they will be attending and follow the Plein Air Committee member to the location. The location will not be revealed until the afternoon of the paint out. Artists may only participate in one of the two private estate paint outs in 2019.

Judging at 6:30 PM with 1st place $500 purchase prize by hosts of private estate.

Artists currently on List:

Allen, Cynthia
Barnes, Zak
Burge, James
Cooper, Karen
Dean, Joe Jasper
Dowdy, Denny
Flowers, Erlene
Goldsmith, Caroline
Gragg, Jennylynne
Green-Metzler, Linda
Hamil, Alex
Heeres, Suzette
Hefty, Vicki
Hein, Louanne
Holt, Tracy
Holtzmann, Arleana
Hoppe, Danae
Hume, Helen D.
Klein, Matthew
McIntosh, Melinda
Nass, Lori
Nelson, Marti
Nevin, Tanya
Patterson, Christi
Pepmiller, Rhonda
Poe, David
Rogers, Susan K.
Rothermich, Joyce
Smith, D’Ann
Smith, Melissa
Snyder, Tracey
Spencer, Michelle
Streiff, Michelle
Tatlock, Troy
Willey, Chris
Williams, Deborah
Wilson, Peggy
Woolsey, Manuela

Artists currently on Waiting List: