Private Estate Paint Out #1

Additional Event Information:

This is a private event for the first 40 artists who signed up, sorry this is not open to the public.

The artists will meet in Marthasville at The Lake Creek Winery at 7:00 AM and caravan to the estate location. The location will not be revealed until the morning of the paint out. Private judging at 2:00 PM. Social 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM, Awards and viewing at 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM.
Artists currently on List:

Baber, Gabriele
Beazley, Gary
Bishop, Bonnie
Buchs, Thomas
Clausen, Paige
Coffman, Leigh
Corbett, Elizabeth
Coulter, Marty
Dickerson, Tammie
Dyess, Iva Joe
Estes, Phil
Fifer, Susan
Fishback, Daniel
Flanders, Jane
Green, Jamie
Haake, Elaine (Laney)
Haley, Marjory
Jackson, Teddy
Kublanov, Konstantine
Lammert, Gin
Larkin, Carolyn
Lewis, Farley
Phelps, Mike
Robben, Diane
Robberts, Tatyana
Schanink, Cynthia
Shaw, Cindy
Stauder, Arthur
Thomas, Craig
Willman, Marcia

Artists currently on Waiting List: