Private Estate Paint Out

Additional Event Information:

This is a private event for the first 40 artists who signed up, sorry this is not open to the public.

Details for this Private Estate TBD
Artists currently on List:

Anderson, Marti
Baber, Gabriele
Bishop, Bonnie
Buchs, Thomas
Clausen, Paige
Coulter, Marty
Dean, Jo Jasper
Dickerson, Tammie
Dowdy, Denny
Fifler, Susan
Folwarczny, Dianna
Goldsmith, Caroline
Green, Jamie
Hefty, Vicki
Hein, Louanne
Holt, Tracy
Holtzmann, Arleana
Jackson, Teddy
Krute, Michelle
Kublanov, Konstantine
Laupp, Allison
Lewis, Farley
McFarland, Lorraine
O’Connor, Brent
Patterson, Christi
Phelps, Mike
Randle, Leslie
Robbenk Diane
Rogers, Susan K.
Rosario, Teri
Smith, D’Ann
Stauder. Arthur
Streiff, Michelle
Stroup, Judy
Wiegand, Julie
Williams, Deborah
Woolsey, Manuela

Artists currently on Waiting List: