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April 20, 2023 ALL Jamie Green Free 9am – 10:30am Framing – Tricks of the Trade
April 20, 2023 ALL Farley Lewis $200 8:30 am – 3:30pm Painting Light & Atmosphere
April 25, 2023 ALL Joshua Been & John Lasater $200 8:30am – 3:30pm
April 26, 2023 ALL  John Lasater  $200 8:30am – 3:30pm Options and Exploration in Plein Air
April 27, 2023 ALL Joshua Been $200 8:30am – 3:30pm

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  • How to ensure your painting is seen in the best light by festival judges and most importantly your patrons.
  • Learn how to paint a landscape filled with light and atmosphere and have a lot of fun in the process. Learn the principles that help create the illusion of depth and learn tips for painting better shadows. Whether you are new to painting, or you've been painting for years, this class has something for everyone. the class begins with a short teaching and demonstration, then the participants can work on their own painting with plenty of one-on-one instruction.
  • Use whatever painting medium and colors you are comfortable with. You should at least have the primary colors (red, yellow, blue), white and black in whatever medium you use. The closer your palette is to mine, however, the better your learning experience will be. I use Rembrandt Extra Fine Artist Oils for the ability to move the paint around the canvas more quickly without needing a medium.
  • The style I paint in is known as Impressionistic Realism. It’s a versatile yet challenging mode of expression through which the poetry of a subject is preserved and paramount. To find eternal balance in the elegant dance of light and form is my highest inspiration. Through the congruence of our visual vocabulary and shared human experience, I am able to imply detail without overstating it. Brushwork and palette knife together create a textural Impressionism and paint quality which entice a closer look, while it is through a little distance that my paintings become Realistic portals into a time and place. Painted like memories of the “here and now,” they depict the variety of life in the 21st Century and often include man-made objects, figures, or animals. Through my work, I sincerely hope to remind and inspire others to take time to see just how amazing this existence is. Enjoy.
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      John Lasater

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      Jamie Green









Farley Lewis






Artists Signed Up!
  • Framing – Tricks of the Trade – Jamie Green

      • Jan Wallach
      • Susie Keithley
      • Elaine Prouhet
      • Daniel Driggs
      • Diane Raab
      • Bruce Lindeman
      • Cindy Fricke
  • Painting Light & Atmosphere – Farley Lewis

      • Mike Phelps
      • Cynthia Allen
      • Pamela Grabber
      • Makenna Burton
      • Jan Trager
      • Debra Winzen
  • Joshua Been & John Lasater

      • Ellen Clemins
      • Jamie Green
      • Allison Laupp
      • Michelle Streiff
      • Dianne Raab
      • Debra Winzen
  • Options and Exploration in Plein Air – John Lasater

      • Lyle Seddon
      • Kathy Morrison
      • Debra Winzen
  • Joshua Been

      • Alison Levine
      • Brent O’Connor
      • Ellen Clemins
      • Jo Jasper Dean
      • Vicki Hefty
      • Kay Crain
      • Cynthia Allen
      • Lyle Seddon
      • Sherri Lilly
      • Sharon Larson