Meet the Artists


The Augusta Plein Air Art Festival features many talented artists from Missouri as well as from states across the country. Come observe these artists at work everyday during the event. Scroll down to see the list of this year’s winners to date.





Cynthia Allen
Marti Anderson


Gabriele Baber *
Gary Beazley *
Bonnie Bishop
Larry Bolton
Thomas Buchs *


Paige Clausen
Karen Cooper
Marty Coulter *


Chrystal Davis
Jo Jasper Dean
Tammie Dickerson *
Denny Dowdy *


Susan Fifer
David Finnell
Dianna Folwarczny


Caroline Goldsmith
Jennylynne Gragg *
Jamie Green *
Linda Green-Metzler *


Elaine (Laney) Haake *
Janey Hale
Vicki Hefty
Louanne Hein
Rebecca Helton
Tracy Holt
Arleana Holtzmann


Teddy Jackson *


April Kaeser
Michelle Krute
Konstantine Kublanov *


Gin Lammert *
Allison Laupp *
Farley Lewis *


Joy Manthei
Lorraine McFarland *
Lizabeth Megelsh


Brent O’Connor


Tracy Parkhurst
Christi Patterson
David Peacock
Rhonda Pepmiller
Mike Phelps *
David Poe
Elaine Prouhet


Leslie Randle
Debbie Rathert
George Rhys *
Rhonda Richter
Diane Robben
Tatyana Robberts *
Susan K. Rogers *
Teri Rosario
Joyce Rothermich


Cindy Shaw
D’Ann Smith
Tracey Snyder
Arthur Stauder
Michelle Streiff


Troy Tatlock
Craig Thomas *


Keith Waters
Andy Wheeler
Cody Wheelock
John Whytock
Julie Wiegand *
Christina Willey *
Deborah Williams *
Marcia Willman *
Manuela Woolsey

* Look for these Award Winning Artists who have been invited to the Premier Artist Paint Out at Defiance Ridge Vineyards on April 30, 2020.


Gil Adams
Cindy Allen
Kim Alsop

Gabriele Baber *
Zak Barnes *
Jennifer Bartolotta
Gary Beazley *
Randy Bernhardt
Gary Biggs
Larry Bolton
Bonnie Bishop
Elizabeth Brooks
Thomas Buchs
James Burge

Jasmine Claros
Leigh Coffman
Kathleen Connors
Karen Cooper
Marty Coulter *
Kay Crain

Joe Jasper Dean
Annie DeGraff *
Larry DeGraff *
Tammie Dickerson *
Anthony DiMattia
Denny Dowdy
Iva Joe Dyess

Steve Easterwood
Tarin Eicher *
James Einspanier
Antoinette Elgin
Phil Estes

Alicia Farris
Susan Fifer
Daniel Fishback *
Jane Flanders
Erlene Flowers
Dianna Folwarczny
Jan Foulk

Gloria Gaus
Ted Gillespie
Caroline Goldsmith
Jennylynne Gragg
Jamie Green *
Linda Green-Metzler *

Elaine Haake (Laney) *
Janey Hale
Marjory Haley
Alex Hamil
Suzette Heeres
Vicki Hefty
Louanne Hein
Tracy Holt
Arleana Holtzmann
Danae Hoppe *
Helen Hume
Beth Huntley

Teddy Jackson *
Tim Judge

Matthew Klein
Michelle Krute
Konstantine Kublanov *
Dimitrina Kutriansky

Carolyn Larkin *
Allison Laupp *
Farley Lewis *

Linda Mark
Kathleen McDowell
Lorraine McFarland *
Annette McGarrahan
Rebecca McGuire *
Melinda McIntosh
John Menousek
Joan Mette
Anne Molasky
Kathy Morrison
Jane Mudd

Gary Nadeau *
Lori Nass
Marti Nelson
Tanya Nevin

Brent O’Connor
Francoise Olivier

Tracy Parkhurst
Christi Patterson
Rhonda Pepmiller *
Mike Phelps *
Susan Plourde
David Poe
Lois Pretttyman

Mary Riney
Rhonda Richter
Diane Robben
Tatyana Robberts *
Susan K. Rogers *
Connie Rosenthal
Joyce Rothermich

Cynthia Schanink *
Daniel Schanink
Eric Seat
Mike Seat
Larry *
D’Ann Smith
Melissa Smith
Tracey Snyder
Arthur Stauder
Michelle Streiff
R. Gregory Summers *

Troy Tatlock
Louise Thies
Craig Thomas *
Erik Thompson
Linda Thompson

Liz Vargas *

Kate Warner
Diane Washa
Keith Waters
Jennifer Weigel
Christa Wellman
Becky Whight
Vicki White
Julie Wiegand *
Deborah Williams *
Marcia Willman *
Linda Wilmes
Peggy Wilson *
Sarah Wood
Manuela Woolsey

* Look for these Award Winning Artists who have been invited to the Premier Artist Paint Out at Defiance Ridge Vineyards on May 2, 2019.


********* 2019 WINNERS *********


Daily Event $500 Purchase Prize Winners


  • Augusta Shores
    • 1st “Canoes” Acrylic- Farley Lewis
    • HM “Serenity at Augusta Shores” Oil – Gabriele Baber
    • HM “Threads of Light” Pastel – Debbie Williams
  • Montelle Winery
    • 1st “Original Home and Japanese Maple” Watercolor 16×20 – Danae Hoppe
    • HM “Montelle Memories” Oil 11×14 – Larry DeGraff
    • HM “Finally” Oil 10×15 – Diane Washa
  • Noboleis Quick Paint
    • 1st “Under the Tree” Watercolor – Alicia Farris
    • HM “Springtime Vineyard” Watercolor – Mary Riney
    • HM “Noboleis Friday” Oil – Zak Barnes
  • Paint the Parks
    • 1st “Katy Trail Sunrise” Pastel – Michele Wells
    • HM “Pensive Morning” Watercolor – Marcia Willman
    • HM “View from the Trail” Oil – Gabriele Baber
  • Washington
    • 1st “W 5th Street” Watercolor – Denny Dowdy
    • HM “Going Dutch” Oil – Marjorie Haley
    • HM “The Caboose” – Zak Barnes
  • Lake Creek
    • 1st “Lake Country Morning” Oil 11×14 – Marty Coulter
    • HM “Early Morning at Lake Creek Winery” Oil 10×20 – Tammie Dickerson
    • HM “Lake Creek in Sunny Weather” Oil 16×20 – Konstantine Kublanov
  • Mount Pleasant
    • 1st “Mt. Pleasant Winery and Out
      Buildings” Watercolor 16×20 – Larry Siwek
    • HM “Mt. Pleasant Winery” Oil 8×16 – Gabriele Baber
    • HM “Overlook” Watercolor 14.5×10.5 – Denny Dowdy
  • Catala
    • 1st “Almost Abandoned” Watercolor – Marcia Willman
    • HM “Modern Barn” Watercolor/Ink – Liz Vargas
    • HM “Cold Front” Watercolor – Lori Nass/li>
  • New Melle
    • 1st “Feed Store” Watercolor – Jamie Green
    • HM “Spring Reflections” Oil – Jennylynne Gragg
    • HM “Go to the Top” Oil – R. Gregory Summers
  • Private Estate #1
      • 1st “Garden Cabin” Oil – Tim Tyler

    HM “Morning at the Farm” Oil – Tammie Dickerson

  • HM “1957 John Deere” Acrylic – Craig Thomas
  • Private Estate #2
      • 1st “Brick Silo at the Deppe’s” Pastel – Susan K. Rogers

    HM “65 Chevy” Oil – Zak Barnes

  • HM “Homestead” Watercolor – Lori Nass
  • Daniel Boone Home
    • 1st “Old Peale” Oil – Anne Molasky
    • HM “Carriage House” Watercolor – Cynthia Schanink
    • HM “Zepharia’s Roost” Oil – R. Gregory Summers
  • Sunflower Hill Farm
    • 1st “Buzz Boxes” Oil – Carolyn Larkin
    • HM “Sunflower Hill” Oil – Zak Barnes
    • HM “Sunflower Hill Farm” Mixed Media – Tammie Dickerson
  • Sugar Creek
    • 1st “Rusty Gate Sugar Creek” Pastel – Linda Wilmes
    • HM “Waterfall” Oil – Zak Barnes
    • HM “Sugar Creek Vineyard” Oil – Mike Phelps
  • Premier Artists at Defiance Ridge Vineyards
    • 1st “Wet Afternoon on the Patio” Oil – Annie DeGraff
    • HM “Defiance Ridge ’19” Oil – Zak Barnes
    • HM “Green Tin Roof” Watercolor – Peggy Wilson/li>
  • Robin”s Nest
    • 1st “Planter Pig” Oil – Thomas Buchs
    • HM “Graveyard Deere” Oil – Zak Barnes
    • HM “Welcome” Oil – Tatyana Robberts
  • Balducci Sunset
    • 1st “Balducci’s ’19” Oil – Zak Barnes
    • HM “Balducci Vineyard” Oil – Michael Phelps
    • HM “Stormy Sunset” Oil – Jane Flanders
  • Life in Augusta Augusta
    • 1st “Augusta Heritage” Mixed Media – Spencer Meagher
    • HM “Augusta Corner” Watercolor – Liz Vargas
    • HM “Augusta” Mixed Media – Craig Thomas
  • Nocturne
    • 1st “3 Houses” Acrylic – Craig Thomas
    • HM “Cedar & Third” Acrylic – Marty Coulter
    • HM “Dirges in the Dark” Oil – R. Gregory Summers</li
  • Paint Augusta
    • 1st “The Hill, Public Street” Oil – R. Gregory Summers
    • HM “TG Bold” Acrylic – Craig Thomas
    • HM “Among the Vines” Pastel – Deborah Williams


Final Prize Winners in 5 Mediums


Best of Show “Augusta Moment” Watercolor – Alicia Farris
Artists’ Choice “Augusta Bottoms Bliss” Oil – Julie Wiegand
People’s Choice “Misty Morning Augusta Shores” Oil – Gabriele Baber


  • 1st “Spring Morning Shadows” – Farley Lewis
  • 2nd “Hill” – Craig Thomas
  • 3rd “Dan’s in the Distance” – Spencer Meagher
  • Honorable Mention “Heavy Overnight Rain” – Farlely Lewis

Mixed Media:

  • 1st “Augusta Heritage” – Spencer Meagher
  • 2nd “Lingering on Locust” – Tammie Dickerson
  • 3rd “SW3439” – Tarin Eicher
  • Honorable mention “Prarie to Vines to Farm Co-Existing Sugar Creek” – Linda Green-Metzler


  • 1st “Augusta Bottoms” – Diane Washa
  • 2nd “Augusta Bottoms Bliss” – Julie Wiegand
  • 3rd “View at Fort Charrette” – Jane Mudd
  • Honorable mention “Graveyard Oliver” – Zak Barnes
  • Honorable mention “Misty Morning Augusta Shores” – Gabriele Baber
  • Honorable mention “Fly on Little Wing” – R. Gregory Summers


  • 1st “Katy Trail Sunrise” – Michele Wells
  • 2nd “Cedar Lake” – Allison Laupp
  • 3rd “Sunny Verbena” – Susan K. Rogers
  • Honorable mention “The Promise of Sunset” – Rhonda Pepmiller


  • 1st “Augusta Moment” – Alicia Farris
  • 2nd “Gathering Under the Tree” – Alicia Farris
  • 3rd “Backyard Shed” – Larry Siwek
  • Honorable mention “The View” – Denny Dowdy

Final Judging by Shawn Cornell, Lisa Ober, Vic Brown