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April 25, 2024 ALL Jamie Green Free 9am – 10:30am Framing – Tricks of the Trade
April 25, 2024 ALL Denny Dowdy $125 8:30 am – 3:30pm Landscapes and Sky in Watercolor
April 26, 2024 ALL Farley Lewis $125 8:30am – 3:30pm Dramatic Landscapes
April 30, 2024 ALL Tammie Dickerson $125 8:30am – 3:30pm Creating Mood and Atmosphere

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Denny Dowdy












Artists Signed Up!
  • Framing – Tricks of the Trade – Jamie Green

    • Kevin Haller
  • Landscapes and Sky in Watercolor – Denny Dowdy

    • Alex Hamil
    • Ellen Clemins
    • Dawn Buscher
    • Crystal Goldkamp
    • Janessa Toro
    • Diane Robben
    • Brent O’Connor
  • Dramatic Landscapes – Farley Lewis ~ Materials List

    • Cynthia Allen
    • Randall Bernhardt
    • Rebecca McGuire
    • Dodie Culk
  • Creating Mood and Atmosphere – Tammie Dickerson

    • Sherri Lilly

Plein Air Artist Workshop Registration 2024

  • Workshop Registration

    Please select the workshops you would like to attend from the following choices. Artists are not required to register for the festival in order to register for a workshop.
  • How to ensure your painting is seen in the best light by festival judges and most importantly your patrons.
  • Paintings of a landscape that flows into the sky have long inspired people. Watercolor is unique because of its transparency and luminosity. The pigments used in watercolor are more delicate in many ways, let’s explore the wonder of watercolor together. Student should bring the following supplies: 4 sheets of 140lb 11 1/2 X 15 paper which would be one full sheet quartered, brushes, paints, water container, and board.
  • From bland to beautiful, this workshop gives keys to finding or creating drama in plein air landscapes. Learn to build strong compositions with values, edges and detail – and creative approaches to block-ins and brushwork. Whether you are new to painting, or you’ve been painting for years, this workshop has something for everyone. For acrylic and oil painters, the day begins with a short teaching and demonstration, then the participants work on their own painting with plenty of one-on-one instruction.
  • Learn how to approach the landscape with paint, and create something more than what you see before you. All skill levels are welcome, we’ll cover finding your most expressive composition as well as the right values and chroma to add depth to your painting. Every painting is an adventure, let’s walk this one together. Recommended Supplies - although bring whatever you are comfortable with using A selection of brushes - assorted flats, and a small round for details Oil paints - the following is a basic palette, feel free to add more colors ( I have a ridiculous range of paint on my palette) lemon yellow, cad yellow, ultra blue, maybe a turquoise, Alizarin crimson, cad red, cad orange, a brown, ivory black for mixing greens, white I am solvent free, and don’t use turps or chemicals. I use food grade safflower oil to clean my brushes, but not as a medium. If you like to thin your paint, please bring Gamblin Solvent Free gel I prefer painting on gessoed masonite, but you may use any surface you are comfortable with. Please gesso your panels before the workshop, the paint will move so much better for you.
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